Special Journal Issue: The Ethics of State Punishment

To advance our collective work of interrogating the theological underpinnings of punishment, we are happy to share that Studies in Christian Ethics has released a special issue on “The Ethics of State Punishment.” The articles gathered in this issue were first presented at the third annual McDonald Symposium in Theological Ethics at Cambridge University, 13−15 May 2013.

In introducing the issue, Sarah Coakley explains, “The notable turn back to a ‘neo-classical’ retribution theory in this period, the relentless and punitive crack-down on minor drugs offences, the increasing privatisation of prisons, and the more recent and haunting fear of terrorist attack: all these factors have been undeniably important in the rise in prison populations, but they cannot explain the overall cultural acceptance of such an extraordinary state of affairs in ‘the land of the free’.”

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Studies in Christian Ethics

The Ethics of State Punishment

August 2014; Vol. 27, No. 3


Introduction: Ethics, Theology and the Contemporary Conundrum of State Punishment

Sarah Coakley


Moral and Philosophical Problems of Long-Term Imprisonment

Alison Liebling

Response to Alison Liebling’s presentation

Loraine Gelsthorpe

The Ethics of Punishment and the Ethics of Restoration: A Critical Analysis

William J. Danaher, Jr.

Probing the Logic of Forgiveness, Human and Divine

Cristian Mihut

Trusting the Untrustworthy: The Theology, Practice and Implications of Faith-Based Volunteers’ Work with Ex-Prisoners

Ruth Armstrong

Response to Ruth Armstrong

Tim Winter

Change from Within? A Response to Ruth Armstrong’s Article

Jamie Bennett

Can Persistent Offenders Acquire Virtue?

Anthony Bottoms and Joanna Shapland

Response to the Work of Professor Steiker

Charles Mathewes


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